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Star Trek: Lower Decks Tendi Soap — Eucalyptus Mint

Star Trek: Lower Decks Tendi Soap — Eucalyptus Mint

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Yes, that is correct — these soaps are as lively and vibrant as D’Vana Tendi herself! We think she would love the delicious eucalyptus mint scent — sure to awaken any junior officer after burning the midnight oil on a new assignment. Plus, we know she would appreciate our Syndicate-free ingredients, meaning we only make our soap with eco-frendly, vegan, and cruelty-free oils, such as:

Rice bran oil: Rich in vitamin E.
Coconut oil: Cleansing, and creates large bubbles.
Cocoa butter: Luxurious and moisturizing.
Shea butter: Luxurious and moisturizing, just like cocoa butter.
Sunflower oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.
Castor oil: Draws moisture to the skin and gives soap a thick, creamy lather.

So go out there with gusto, and get that shiny new pip!

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