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Star Trek: Prodigy Dal Soap — Lemon and Bergamot

Star Trek: Prodigy Dal Soap — Lemon and Bergamot

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Need an invigorating pick-me-up so you can go fast throughout your day? You need a bar of this soap, inspired by Dal R'El from Star Trek: Prodigy. The fresh scent of lemon verbana and bergamot will awaken your senses, now matter how early you must report for duty. And of course, these bars are made with our signature soap recipe, made with:

Rice bran oil: Rich in vitamin E.
Coconut oil: Cleansing, and creates large bubbles.
Cocoa butter: Luxurious and moisturizing.
Shea butter: Luxurious and moisturizing, just like cocoa butter.
Sunflower oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.
Castor oil: Draws moisture to the skin and gives soap a thick, creamy lather.

No matter what sort of challenge Admiral Janeway might throw your way, you will feel fresh, confident, and ready.

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