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Star Trek: Prodigy Murf Soap — Mango — Glows in the Dark!

Star Trek: Prodigy Murf Soap — Mango — Glows in the Dark!

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This Murf-inspired soap glows in the dark. Take that, elusive Murf plushie!

Much like Murf himself, this soap started as a gelatinous substance. The hues of purple and blue swirled together, sat in a cocoon for 24 hours, and emerged as a hardened loaf. Now that it's soap, it cannot swallow protostars or stretch to unthinkable lengths in space*, but that's okay! The blend of oils in our soap recipe include cocoa and shea butters, which help create a hard bar of soap that lasts a long time. That's definitely what we want from a Murf-inspired soap!


You'll get cosmically clean and smell good thanks to the delicious mango fragrance in these bars. That's right, Murf smells like mangoes. I just made it up because I liked the scent, but this fact might actually become canon someday. If it does, then my life will have reached its peak.

And now for the best part: This Murf glows with galactic power! Murf charges quickly under light and shines in the dark, just like the stars in the sky — and now you can take him with you on your bathtub adventures! The glow-in-the-dark pigment is cosmetic-grade, meets FDA purity specifications, and is safe for external use.

*Neither of these tests have been conducted with our soap, but we're still confident in making this claim.

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