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Star Trek: TNG Riker Soap — Sandalwood

Star Trek: TNG Riker Soap — Sandalwood

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Give me sensuous sandalwood suds in 5, 6, 7, 8!

You'll finally feel ready to accept that big promotion with our homage to Commander William T. Riker, designed in the style of the iconic TNG uniform. Each batch of soap is handmade with our signature soap blend, which includes:

Rice bran oil: Rich in vitamin E.
Coconut oil: Cleansing, and creates large bubbles.
Cocoa butter: Luxurious and moisturizing.
Shea butter: Luxurious and moisturizing, just like cocoa butter.
Sunflower oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.
Castor oil: Draws moisture to the skin and gives soap a thick, creamy lather.

We added sensuous sandalwood fragrance to these bars, because a sexy bar deserved a sexy fragrance. You might even feel confident enough to try a rendition of "Night Bird!"

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