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Star Trek: TNG Samarian Sunset Soap - White Tea and Pear

Star Trek: TNG Samarian Sunset Soap - White Tea and Pear

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Boldly bathe in colorful layers of red, gold, and orange inspired by the Samarian Sunset, a beautiful beverage first seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation. We aren't sure exactly what a Samarian Sunset tastes like, so scent-wise, we went with a delicate but powerful blend of white tea and pear. It's subtle and intoxicating all at once, and we think you will love this unique aroma!

And of course, these bars are made with our signature recipe, which includes:

Rice bran oil: Rich in vitamin E.
Coconut oil: Cleansing, and creates large bubbles.
Cocoa butter: Luxurious and moisturizing.
Shea butter: Luxurious and moisturizing, just like cocoa butter.
Sunflower oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E.
Castor oil: Draws moisture to the skin and gives soap a thick, creamy lather.

Side note: This soap got its name with the help of all of you! If you would like to participate in things like this in the future, please follow Bold Bubbles on Instagram or X/Twitter.

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