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Star Trek: Voyager and Prodigy "Janeway's Coffee Nebula" — Espresso

Star Trek: Voyager and Prodigy "Janeway's Coffee Nebula" — Espresso

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Don’t just drink coffee…bathe in it! Kathryn Janeway would approve.

When you have a hardcore addiction to coffee, you don’t just drink it…you smell like it, too! We know Captain Janeway approves of this soap because she does just about anything for her next caffeinated fix, even if it means venturing into a mysterious nebula. You needn’t look any further than here, though, because there’s coffee in this soap! You’ll find finely-ground speckles of real coffee in these bars, which adds an extra scrubby effect to our handmade soap, made with shea butter and vitamins rich in vitamin E. Your skin will love it…almost as much as Janeway loves her coffee!



SCENT: Espresso

WEIGHT:  5 oz

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils (rice bran oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil), fragrance, mica, coffee grounds.

PLEASE NOTE:  Get the most life out of your bar by placing it in a soap dish with adequate water drainage. 

This listing is for 1 bar.

Thank you for your attention.

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